Jaws, world famous big wave surfing break challenged by elite athletes.  Come watch and feel one of Mother Natures most powerful shows. 


Credit: Erik Aeder

20°56′36″N 156°17′52″W

This rare and powerful surf break is home to Maui’s ultimate rush for big wave surfers from around the world. Exceeding the size of 60 feet high, this wave is tracked as it arrives from Alaska and invites only the best surfers to test their skills.

There is no doubt on the North Shore when Jaws is breaking. Pe’ahi is flooded with spectators and the rumble from this crashing wave can be heard for miles. The road to Jaws can only be assessed by 4 wheel drive vehicles only and can be congested and over run with spectators. 

A wave like no other deserves a tour experience that can only be provided by JAWS SURF TOURS.  We will give a local knowledge guided tour of the crazy experience that is Jaws.

Maui's North Shore: Ho'okipa beach park

Maui's North Shore: Ho'okipa beach park

4320 Hana Highway, Haiku

The lush tropical north shore of Maui is the picturesque setting one imagines when they think of Hawaii. The pineapple and sugar fields may be gone, but with 81 inches of annual rain fall, there is plenty of greenery for your drive.

On your way to JAWS, the quaint town of Paia is host to several boutique shops and eateries. And just out of town is the local surf spot Ho’okipa, where the turtles also come to play.

The windy road to Hana takes you past several waterfalls while navigating your way through 620 curves and 59 bridges. Bamboo forests and swimming pools are plentiful to refresh you on your journey.




Location – Haiku, Hawaii


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Swallowed by Jaws

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