Experience Jaws, the most famous big wave venue in the world through the eyes of the local surfers that know and love Maui's North Shore. 



Group and private tours of Maui's North Shore from the comfort of our custom 4x4 air-conditioned 15-seat passenger van. Visit the cliff at Jaws and watch the surfers tackle the huge waves. We take you safely down the hazardous dirt road to the cliff above Jaws. Additional tours to secret beaches with Hawaiian green sea turtles and beautiful waterfalls in Maui's lush North Shore rain forest.

About the Tours

Jaws, the most famous big wave surfing break in the world. A wonder of the natural world. Site of the Big Wave World Tour Peahi Challenge Surf Contest.  Multiple records and nominations for largest ridden waves of the year and winner of Billabong XXL Ride of the Year.

About Jaws

Maui's North Shore is full of hidden gems we can visit. Sea life at the beach. Athletes braving the challenging ocean surf. The lush and green Maui rain forest and its many waterfalls lining Hana Highway. The eclectic and charming town of Paia. 

About Maui's North Shore